Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faster is not Always Better

The Faster the Better- Heard this before?
By Andrew Miller

This statement is not always true when it comes to life or business. You cannot treat every road the same, so accelerating to maximum speed is not always going to provide the most benefits to your business. You cannot treat a hairpin turn the same as a straightaway. You cannot treat a one-lane country road the same as a six-lane highway. You need to know the speed at which you are comfortable moving forward and try to maintain that speed for as long as possible.

Too Fast Too Soon
Many experts are suggesting that the reason that Toyota is having so many issues with product recalls is because it grew too fast too soon. Growing too quickly can cause you to change the principles that allowed you to have success in the first place. Toyota was always focused on quality and efficiency and now they seem to have gone away from those principles and focused on growth. Everything has a trade-off, just make sure you are not trading quality for speed. We have all seen where that leads.

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