Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Essential Cloud Based Tools for Better Document Management

The days of shuffling paper in office environments is coming to a close. Many companies are opting for a more efficient, all digital document management system. There are numerous reasons why a computerized document management process is highly preferred for many office environments. Some companies are looking to reduce the amount of paper utilized while others seek a consistent, effective way to manage various documents beyond the traditional use of filing folders. While there are a number of factors that companies must consider when purchasing document management software, there are some essential tools that are mandatory for a fully functional and effective document management system. The following are some valuable tools that are essential for a company that is interested in utilizing a document management system for organizing and managing documents.
  1. Dropbox-This is a heavily utilized file management system that allows individuals and companies to have access to commonly used files between multiple locations. Likewise, it is also used as a backup system for storing files via the Internet. This particular tool is very easy to use as it only requires a simple download in order to facilitate operation. With this tool, is possible to share files between multiple computers, and with Dropbox apps for mobile phones it is also possible to share files between mobile devices as well.
  2. Google Apps-From e-mail to documents, Google Apps provides a comprehensive set of data management tools that are essential for anyone that is interested in managing an office environment in an efficient manner. Google Apps includes web-based programs such as Google mail, chat, documents and an integrated calendar. Because everything is web-based, there is never any concern about locating files. Likewise, the web-based foundation of Google Apps allows users to assess files from any location from computers and mobile devices.
  3. Evernote-Managing little, yellow memo notes is a thing of the past because of this unique document management cloud-based tool. Evernote allows individuals to manage an assortment of items such as notes and images from a computer or phone. This application shares notes between various electronic devices and makes it very simple to take notes on the go without having to worry about misplacing valuable information.
  4. Office365-Now it is possible to utilize the familiar Microsoft office platform as part of a document management productivity suite. Office 365 is specifically designed for a cloud-based environment. Those that prefer to use the popular Microsoft office software can do so more efficiently with this product.
  5. Paper Tiger-Goodbye to the antiquated paper filing systems and hello to Paper Tiger. Paper Tiger allows individuals to manage both paper and digital files. This is an essential product for those that are interested in a paperless office environment. Paper documents are converted into PDF files and stored on a computer or via the Internet. Also, it can help offices manage their existing paper filing systems via an organized labeling system.
In all, there are a host of cloud-based tools readily available to assist individuals and companies in managing their documents in an efficient manner.

About the Author: This guest post is written by Rifat R